• With CEO Kauffman Gone, MDC To Be Run By A Committee Of 4 (Which Will be Overseen By A Committee Of 3)
    The new executive committee assumes the role and responsibilities of CEO effective tomorrow, Jan. 1.
  • Bombas Humbug!
    Ecommerce was a real lifesaver this holiday season. That's true. Except in one case where it wasn't.
  • S4-MightyHive Merger Is Complete
    While much of the world was readying for Santa's visit on Christmas Eve Martin Sorrell was busy sealing S4 Capital's merger with programmatic company MightyHive.
  • MediaCom Tops In New Business
    MediaCom remains the leader in new business development globally and for the U.S., according to the latest tally from R3 Worldwide through the first 11 months of 2018.
  • Ecommerce: A True Joy Of The Holiday Season
    Being able to check off most of the gifts on my list with just a few clicks is a godsend.
  • Chinks In Facebook's Armor Expanding
    2018 is about to come to a close and you have to believe the senior leadership team at the social network will be glad to have the year behind them. They probably wish 2019 was behind them as well.
  • Season's Greetings, Marcel, You Suck!
    That's how Publicis Groupe employees greet the AI critter in the firm's annual holiday message. All in good fun. (I think.)
  • The Curious Ad-Rejection Policy Of New York's MTA
    The New York transit overlord recently rejected an ad campaign from bidet maker Tushy, saying the ads pushed a "sexually oriented business." Huh?
  • Colgate Total To Make Its Super Bowl Debut
    In February, Colgate will be back in big game using celebrity talent - actor Luke Wilson - and hoping for some laughs as Wilson does shtick to promote Colgate Total.
  • Omnicom Joins The #Valuable Movement
    A new movement -- #valuable -- is pushing hard for businesses to recognize the value and worth of the 1 billion disabled people around the world.
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