• Another Agency Hops on the CMO Bandwagon
    What's the difference between a new business director and a CMO at an agency? Besides a C-level title and maybe $20,000 or $30,000 a year? And speaking of bandwagons, another shop has suddenly become passionate about product development. Salute! And K.C.-based VML just scored a hole-in-one, nailing the Puma Golf account. And the 4A's calls a plan by Congressman David Camp to curb tax deductions for advertising "dreadful." Think anyone in Adland would disagree with that assessment?
  • It Appears Mullen is Closing Its San Francisco Office
    And it just opened in 2012. And an Albuquerque agency is accused of racism and O&M CEO Miles Young has some advice for American expats -- be a giver, not just a taker. And the appropriately named GearShift Advertising wins the Yamaha account.
  • Agency Places Strip Club Ad On Starbucks Storefront To Win Client Back
    But all the shop managed to do was tick off the neighborhood where the ad was projected. And things aren't going well for a shop that lost its MillerCoors account, while Providence-based Nail comes up with a pretty cheeky recruitment campaign. Meanwhile, Grey San Francisco is on the comeback trail.
  • This New Agency's Name Makes You Think of Death
    Hopefully, RIIP won't be resting in peace for a long, long time. Speaking of which, Publicis Groupe has finally laid to rest its ancient email system. And one agency executive speaks out against the pitch process. Meanwhile, our pick for the agency with the most ridiculous former name, in its relentless pursuit of Millennials, rebrands to something even more ridiculous.
  • Barbarian Group: Awesome Long Desk; Fewer Employees To Sit Around It
    The shop made headlines for its recently installed thousand-foot-long desk. The word now is it has laid off employees because a piece of Samsung business shifted away from the agency. Next time you're looking for an agency job, try buying a promoted situation-wanted tweet. It worked for Tom Pascoe. And Mullen Pittsburgh launches Ad U to help the next-generation workforce learn the ins and outs of the advertising business. Meanwhile, Omnicom buys another ad shop in India.
  • You Won't Believe What These Spanish Police Did With This Lingerie Ad
    Spanish police get sexy with their CPR training. And one thing agencies are good at is keeping up appearances with their office space. Meanwhile, one agency has had the likenesses of new hires carved into a totem pole -- the CEO says they're real rainmakers. And Jerry Graf laments the decline in the quality of agency perks. Bagel anyone?
  • Agencies Hate Working With Apple And Amazon
    Frankly, they aren't that hungry for your business because they have much bigger revenue streams than ad dollars flowing into their coffers. Venables Bell & Partners got some good news today -- Reebok has appointed the shop its global agency. Meanwhile, two ad guys create a top-10 innovative company. And what's the deal with agencies and social media? Check out the new survey from STRATA.
  • Altitude Marketing Eschews 50,000-Foot View For 30,000-Foot View
    And here's the truly innovative part: the shop has launched a new Web site to do it! And one ad veteran launches a new agency to revive businesses on Main Street, while one agency launches its "Collaboratory." Also read how critical, if not glamorous, the SEO function is at an agency.
  • The Barbarian Group Installs 1,000-Foot Desk
    More, actually. It's pretty stylish, as you will see in the video linked within. And one agency declares its post-pubescence era.
  • We Hear Boston's Blitz Media Has Closed
    Word comes after the agency parted ways with major client Wendy's last fall. Meanwhile, Anomaly has hired Levi Slavin and longtime Interpublic Group legal employee Joy Noel has filed another lawsuit against the holding company. And two ad guys have set out to create a new kind of ad-marketing holding company.
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