Another Agency Hops on the CMO Bandwagon

So what's up with ad agencies implementing CMO positions? What, Director of New Business sounds too boring? After all, what's a new biz director do? Whatever they can to position the agency in a way that causes prospects to become inclined to do business with an agency. What's a CMO do? Heck if I know the difference, but it seems every agency wants a CMO these days. The most recent agency to jump on this train is Organic, which just appointed Tracy Richards to the position. Richards has been with Organic for 13 years and has served as account director as well as new business director. All of that said, maybe Organic and every other CMO-hiring agency is behind the eight ball. After all, Renegade Communications seems to be ahead of things with the hire of a Chief Return on Investment Officer.

So you know how every agency now seems to be morphing into a product development company? CP+B has done it. Deutsch LA has done it. Now PI&C New York is getting into the game with the launch of a socially conscious fashion line called Social Aesthetics as well as an online store for artisanal Italian food called Passione Italiana. It's all part of the agency aiming to position itself as a social entrepreneur.

We've always had a place in our hearts for Kansas City-based VML. Maybe it's the people we knew who worked and still work there. Maybe it's the awesomeness that comes out of a non-New York place like Kansas City. Either way, VML has just snagged the Cobra Puma Golf account. So congrats! Of choosing VML, Cobra Puma Golf President Bob Philion said: "VML is an innovative agency with extensive expertise in creating meaningful consumer experiences within the world of marketing, and we are excited to have them on board. Their understanding of the industry and ability to tell our Game Enjoyment story across multiple platforms will help us elevate our communications platform and reach an even greater global audience."

Everyone hates taxes, right? No one likes paying them and everyone likes spending all they can. Sadly, that may soon change for advertisers if a plan from House Ways and Means Committee Chairman David Camp makes its way into law. Camp's plan would cap expensing of advertising costs to 50% the first year with the rest amortized over 10 years. Included in that plan is an exemption for the first $1 million. That's great for small advertisers. Not so great for bigger ones. Of the proposal, 4A's lobbyist Dick O'Brien said: "This is a dreadful idea. What he's doing will make advertising more expensive." Well, yeah. Someone's got to pay the tax bill.

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