• 360i Hires 15 People To Replace David Berkowitz (Sort Of)
    It's not too late -- you too could be part of the team that replaces the awesomeness that Berky was at the agency. Check out the 360i blog (linked within) for details. And Sergio Lopez, global head of integrated production at Anomaly, is leaving. But the shop isn't hiring 15 people to replace him. No, it's not even hiring one. Meanwhile, one Michigan agency, with the heart of a lion (Cannes be damned!) just won an awesome Detroit PAL Award. Also, which agency was behind that Neil Patrick Harris neuroSLEEP video, which is showing some fine legs on YouTube?
  • Agency Offers Poem Generator Just In Time For Valentine's Day
    It's called Git-Luv, although whether you get some or not depends totally on you. All poem generator promises to deliver is -- you guessed it -- a poem. And if you're anybody who really counts in this business, you may soon get a very personalized email from Eyeview. So personalized it's kinda creepy. Also, some creatives are out with a service to present you with a near-real-time creative concept.
  • In Australia Clients Are On Top (Or At Least They Should Be)
    A new program Down Under mentors client-side marketing teams. And Steve Nesle has left Blast Radius. Maybe. The rumor mill can't make up its mind. Meanwhile, one agency turns the tables on the National Security Agency and a retired Ohio ad guy hasn't faded away just yet.
  • New IAB Chair Thinks Agency Media Buyers Are Lazy
    Don't go after the "drug dealers," he tells agencies, "go after the people taking the drugs." And watch out, Boston agencies -- New York-based Devito/Verdi is about to eat your lunch. Meanwhile, there's an "evolution bordering on a transformation" going on at Team Detroit, according to agency COO Mark LaNeve.
  • Will New iPhone App 'Secret' Lay Bare Advertising's Dirty Laundry?
    It's only a matter of time before this sneaky little app will be dishing Madison Avenue's dirty laundry. And one creative makes a Kool video. Meanwhile, New York's MTA says bon voyage to the agency that brought us the "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign. MTA explained that commuters want to see information in new ways. And more stats were issued last week that signal our industry is going all digital.
  • Eric Kallman Brings His Awesomeness to Goodby Silverstein & Partners
    The well-regarded creative veteran is returning to the Bay Area, where he is from. And Droga5 lands Jockey and we expect the shop will significantly upgrade the quality of the brand's creative. Remember Crotchcapades? We do -- no matter how hard we try to forget. Also, a new video explores the question, "do soul-mates exist?" Meanwhile, a new Web site prompts us to ask: Can you say digital Armageddon?
  • BREAKING: Agency Redesigns Web Site!
    We interrupt your terribly busy day with this heart-stopping bulletin: Conover Tuttle Pace has a new Web site. Oh, the humanity! And MARS Advertising starts small in a bid to help its community big time. Meanwhile, the question of the day: Have you hugged your admin recently?
  • Client Steals Elephant From Agency (No, Seriously!)
    When will clients stop stealing (allegedly) ideas from agencies? And they may not be going to Disney World, but executives at American Family Insurance are whooping it up. And the industry now has its first Chief Return on Investment Officer. Is that really necessary? Maybe procurement should have a look at that.
  • We Crown Anomaly Top Super Bowl Ad Agency
    The shop delivered great work on A-B's "Puppy Love" and "Hero's Welcome" ads. Neither was the absolute best spot but an outstanding pair of commercials. And kudos to Grey for its Agency of the Year nod from Advertising Age. Also, you'll never guess what the folks at Sorenson Advertising did on Sunday. Something so predictable they naturally had to put out a press release about it.
  • NewsFlash! There Is Life Outside The Super Bowl!
    Of course, all you care about today is the Super Bowl. Super Bowl! Super Bowl! Super Bowl! But believe it or not, there is life outside the Super Bowl. Even in the ad world. Okay -- that might be a bit of a stretch, but we're going to try. First up, a veteran ad guy shifts to the publishing side. Oh, and remember that "Set Yourself Free" PSA we told you about, allegedly designed as a message about the risks of quitting school? Well, turns out that was a fake campaign from the agency Henry & Aaron, designed to promote …
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