• The Open Office Concept Might Make Your Agency Look Cool, But It's Killing Productivity
    That's according to copywriter Lindsay Kaufman, who describes the open office movement as feeling "like my boss had ripped off my clothes and left me standing in my skivvies." Many workers in open offices "are frustrated by distractions that lead to poorer work performance," Kaufman asserts. She cites a recent study where nearly half of the surveyed workers in open offices said the lack of sound privacy was a significant problem.
  • New App Turns Ad Blocking Into Social Game
    Hey, did you know CES is just about a week away? Yeah, that massive conference that used to be all about consumer electronics but has now morphed into, well, everything. Are you going? Well, a company called Ad Hunter will be there making its debut. Ad Hunter is an iPhone app that claims to "eliminate annoying ads." Except to do so, as I understand it, you click and hold the ad and it becomes some sort of crowdsourced social game. Yeah, I don't get it either. And if you click and hold an ad, isn't that going to …
  • 8 New Year's Resolutions For A Slow News Week
    Clint Powell, founder of Chattanooga-based Connect Marketing, has these words of wisdom for you.
  • 5 Things You Absolutely, Positively Must Know This Holiday Week
    So it's the week between Christmas and New Year's -- and we all know what that means for the advertising agency business. Nothing. Yes, nothing. Why? Because nothing happens during this holiday week. Why? Because everyone save for a few lowly creatives and AAE's have left the building for fancy vacations, leaving the underlings to wander the halls, fool around on Facebook, check Tinder, Snapchat themselves from the bathroom stall and seek project approvals they will never receive because, well -- everyone who can approve anything is out of the office. And no, the internet and the smartphone haven't …
  • 5 Questions to Ask When Seeking A Social Media Agency
    Ssshhh, marketers. Don't tell your ad agency that they aren't up to snuff when it comes to handling your social media efforts.
  • Geary LSF Highlights Omni-Channel Approach to Marketing With New Web site
    Well, it's almost the New Year and so that means it's time for a new Web site, right?
  • Agency Searches For Santa With Elaborate Victorian-Era Expedition
    With its holiday card effort, Indiana-based Miller Brooks has embarked upon an exploration and the discovery of hidden truths. The agency began by recruiting mission participants via a display ad patterned closely after Ernest Shackleton’s famous advertisement of 1914 which sought crewmen for the Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The ads appeared in the classified sections of local publications. The agency next mailed clients and prospective clients a pseudo-Victorian map of the North Pole wrapped around a signed holiday greeting that did double duty as a teaser postcard by showing a photo of a Santa-esque figure posing with a ship’s crew, …
  • Saatchi LA Asks Us All to Unplug For The Holidays
    Saatchi LA is taking a new approach to the ad industry holiday card and has set out to raise something money can’t buy. The agency is asking people to hang up the phone during dinner, close laptops during family movies, unplug from social networks and plug into positive interactions with family to spend meaningful time with loved ones during this holiday season through its, Holidays Unplugged initiative. Here's how it works. The holiday e-card invites people to join the fundraiser here. Users pledge to unplug in hourly increments and for every hour pledged, Saatchi LA will …
  • This Agency Gives You A Break From Your Facebook Feed's Vitriolic Outrage
    It's always a good thing to help the kids.
  • Grey New York Sticks Annoying Millennials In Their Own Private Playpen
    The agency moved all its assistant account executives into one area of the office, effectively segregating them from their managers.
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