• The Big Story of 2017
    Come on, is there really any doubt?
  • In A First, Cannes Lions Awards Its Annual Lifetime Achievement Award To 2 Luminaries In The Same Year
    Brothers from India, one from Ogilvy, the other a well-known film director, will share the 2018 Lion of St. Mark.
  • Barbarian Gives The Gift That Keeps On GIF-ing This Holiday Season
    With GIF My Year, people can answer five madlibs-style questions with emoji, and get a playlist of GIFs (powered by Giphy's API) that tell the story of their year.
  • Groupon's Latest Stab At A Super Bowl Ad
    By many accounts the firm's last Super Bowl ad, back in 2011, badly misfired. But it has a different ad agency doing the work now-O'Keefe Reinhard & Paul.
  • Happy Day Before The Eve Of Christmas Eve!
    Before you head out for your long holiday weekend, have a peak at some fresh research about Generation Z. Or save it for when you get back (it won't go bad).
  • Bah Humbug! Zambezi Staying Open During The Christmas Break
    While the rest of the industry takes off, indie ad shop Zambezi will be holding down the fort "waiting for calls from brands that need help." The staff must be thrilled.
  • Celebrating Diversity At CES
    Seems ironic doesn't it, given all the flack CES received recently (and rightly so) for the lack of diversity in its 2018 lineup of keynote speakers.
  • VML's Touching CERF Campaign
    VML turned the New York performance of a choir composed of war refugees into a docu-style video now available on social media. That goal was raising funds for the UN's CERF.
  • Nearly Half Of Us Know Someone Who Has Experienced Workplace Sexual Misconduct
    That's according to a survey that was done by Lightspeed, part of WPP's Kantar, which found that half of the women surveyed and 40% of the men have a close friend or relative who has experienced sexual misconduct in the workplace.
  • ANA: Transparency and Brand Safety Concerns Drive Expansion Of In-House Programmatic Activity
    A new survey from the Association of National Advertisers shows that more than one-third of respondents have expanded their in-house programmatic capabilities.
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