• Agency Accused of Plagiarism Reaches Out to Design Student They Plagiarized
    In a Reddit post Tuesday, UK design student Tom Anders Watkins claimed Kuala Lampur-based agency Dentsu Utama took, perhaps, a few too many liberties with a recent design of his.
  • People Are Increasingly Fearful of Clowns In Ads. Expect to See More In 2016
    Because it's the week between Christmas and New Year's, we end up with stories about people who don't like to see ads with clowns and the regulators that ban them.
  • Here Are 13 Predicted Ad Trends That Never Happened In 2015
    Most are not surprising, since predictions are more like wishes than anything actually grounded in truth.
  • Saatchi & Saatchi Defends Stoner Sloth Campaign
    In a statement, the agency said, "The videos we created were designed as part of a preventative campaign specifically for teens; the audience is not for adults or long-term cannabis users."
  • Agency's Crap-O-Matic Gift Generator Serves Up Star Wars Gifts You Can Actually Buy
    There's Jabba the Hut Leg Warmers, Empire Strikes Back Halter Tunic Dress, Stormtrooper Rain Boots, Tatooine Scented Candle, Sexy Stormtrooper Outfit, Use the Force Thong, Star Wars Duck Tape and more.
  • All the Ad Agency Holiday Card News That's Fit To Print...Er...Post
    As those of you still left in the office this week leading up to Christmas know full well, you might as well not be there at all. After all, your clients are all out of the office and so are your bosses.
  • This Agency's Holiday Effort Is Nowhere Near As Controversial As That Stoner Sloth Thing!
    Minneapolis creative shop Gabriel deGrood Bendt is going to be doing some Christmas caroling for a good cause.
  • Laid Off Commonground Employee Files Class Action Suit Against Agency But Claim Likely Baseless
    Jorge Espinosa, one of 62 employees laid off from the Coral Gables office of Commonground/MGS, has filed suit against the agency arguing it violated a workers' rights law.
  • This Agency's Dove Beauty Spoof Comes To The Aid Of All The World's Charlie Brown Christmas Trees
    Intoning "beautiful trees feel inadequate at this time of year," this Dove Beauty spoof from Cincinnati-based Northlich entitled Treel Beauty does for Christmas trees what the Dove Beauty work aims to do for women.   In the video, an artist presents representations of how trees see themselves versus how they are seen by others. An interviewer queries how "normal" trees feel when presented with imagery of "perfect" trees. A tree is given a Photoshop makeover reminiscent of the original Dove beauty video that started it all.   The video ends with the tag "Together, let's celebrate Treel Beauty." 
  • Sapient Nitro Helps Parents Look Cool to Their Kids With Goofy SpeakEmoji App
    SapientNitro just launched SpeakEmoji, an app that will help parents and relatives break through the kids' smartphone trance by speaking to them in their own language -- emoji -- and in doing so, make Christmas the meaningful family time it's supposed to be.
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