Agency's Crap-O-Matic Gift Generator Serves Up Star Wars Gifts You Can Actually Buy

San Francisco-based Traction has some extra time on their hands this week. After all, who in the ad industry doesn't? No one's working. Everyone's on vacation. And the only work coming out of the business is ad agency holiday cards. 

So Traction is out with The Amazing Crap-O-Matic Gift Generator. It's a click to spin, Vegas-style betting machine that randomly serves up Star Wars-themed gift ideas you can actually buy.  

There's Jabba the Hut Leg Warmers, Empire Strikes Back Halter Tunic Dress, Stormtrooper Rain Boots, Tatooine Scented Candle, Sexy Stormtrooper Outfit, Use the Force Thong, Star Wars Duck Tape and more. 

So if you're bored or still haven't yet found a gift for someone this year, head over to Crap-O-Matic and check out the merchandise.



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