• W+K London Tests Passersby With Naughty-Or-Nice-O-Meter
    Because, apparently, Santa is extra busy this year, the jolly old fellow reached out to Wieden+Kennedy London for some help. Specifically, he asked for help with his naughty or nice list.   So Wieden+Kennedy London jumped at the chance to create some foolish holiday fun and came up with the Naughty-Or-Nice-O-Meter. They placed the contraption, which looks like some kind of 1950's computer, in the window of their Hanbury Street office.  Those passing by are welcome to come take a look at the machine and see on which list they have been placed. For the rest of us who ...
  • Gunn Report Tests Advertising Knowledge With Christmas Quiz And Will Award Free Subscription to Ten High Scores
    The Gunn Report is having some fun this holiday season. The award aggregator is out with a Christmas quiz that aims to test your knowledge of advertising.   For those who choose to take the quiz and end up one of the top ten scorers, you will be awarded a one-year free subscription to the Gunn Report. If you already subscribe, you can donate your winning subscription to a friend.  The questions are not as easy as you might think. Good luck.  
  • Maurice Levy Delivers Traditional Publicis Holiday Video In Series of Fake Ads
    Instead of the droll boring video which even he admits people don't watch, he offers up something very different. And very timely.
  • This Agency Is Auctioning Off Its Employee Skills For Your Holiday Enjoyment
    For its Holiday-themed effort, New York-based SSK is out with Merry Auction Everyone, an auction that lets anyone bid on services provided by its employees. It's all to, you know, "share the merry" and to benefit the agency's own charitable organization, David's Work.  What can you bid on? You can have your 2016 horoscope read or you can bid to have an employee be your +1 for a holiday party. You can have someone bake for you. You can have someone organize your closet and you can have someone be the bearer of your bad news. You can have ...
  • Oh Look! Another Agency Uses Google Cardboard For Their Holiday Feat
    Maryland-based RP3 is distributing Google Cardboard headsets for...uh...am I having deja vu?
  • Naked Communications Wants You to Solve Its Daily #NakedGifmas Catchphrase Quiz
    It's almost as if every ad agency on the planet suddenly thinks everyone who works in advertising has an inordinate amount of free time during the month of December and can shirk work to engage in all sorts of time-wasters like holiday hacks and Naked Gifmas from Naked Communications.  With Naked Gifmas, Naked Communications is posting seemingly holiday-themed gifs each day to social media with the hashtag #NakedGifmas and asking followers to guess the phrase being demonstrated by the gifs.   For example, there’s a gif of two pieces of holy Swiss cheese sitting in a twin stroller. That phrase ...
  • DigitaslLBi Gets In On the Holiday Hack Thing But Makes Things Real With $10,000 Donation to Girls Who Code
    Tis the season to...watch all ad agencies do exactly the same trendy thing for their holiday card?
  • Wieden+Kennedy Tops YouTube's 2015 Creative Agency Leaderboard
    YouTube is out with its 2015 Annual Creative Agency Leaderboard  -- which, in their own words, aims to "celebrate the creative agencies that produced the best online video content of the year...agencies that landed the most ads on our January through November lists."  Wieden+Kennedy appeared a total of eight times on the list with work for EA Sports, Nike, KFC. The EA Sports work for FIFA 16 - Play Beautiful topped the list. The placements garnered the agency Gold status.   Also making the list were TBWA\Media Arts Lab, earning Silver, with 7 appearances for work that included work for ...
  • Design Firm Makes Blatantly Sexist Faux Pas In Recruitment Ad For Content Writer/SEO Specialist
    "The position requires filling in the responsibilities of a receptionist, so female candidates are preferred." Yup, they actually wrote that.
  • JWT's 'Santa Had Help' Mobile App Can Determine Which Elf Made Your Christmas Gift
    J. Walter Thompson has developed a technology that will allow a person to determine which elf made the gift they received for Christmas. Using the Santa Had Help mobile app, a person can scan a git's barcode, watch a video of the elf that made the particular gift and then, of course, share the whole thing on social media    Check it out here.  Maddeningly, at the time I write this I cannot find a single thing with a barcode on it (there's not much on that front in a Vegas hotel room) to share with what happens when ...
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