• Media Agency Vet Feuling Joins MDC's Assembly
    Media agency veteran Steven Feuling has joined Assembly, the MDC Partners media agency, as president.
  • 'Mr. Serena Williams' Welcomes Wife Back To The Tennis Circuit Via OOH
    In another sign of the medium's revival, Alexis Ohanian celebrated his wife's return to tennis with a series of billboards that appeared on the I-10 highway leading into Palm Springs.
  • The World According To Warc
    Warc is out with its latest report on the most effective agencies in the world. And in Adland being effective, well, that is their world. Or should be.
  • Motorola: Don't Be Compulsive About Your Phone Use
    Motorola, inventor of the mobile phone, is out with a new campaign it's calling Phone-Life Balance.
  • Outdoor Advertising Suddenly In The Limelight
    That's right, outdoor advertising is sexy again. From Hollywood to politics, outdoor advertising is in the spotlight. And according to a new Warc study, it remains a key component of many "successful" advertisers' media plans.
  • UK Tops Dentsu Aegis Digital Society Index
    The U.S. is No. 2 while China, Germany and France round out the top five. Russia didn't fare so well.
  • Bean Counters' Nightmare: Most Agencies Over-Service Accounts
    According to a new study, agencies over-service some accounts by half-again or more. Clearly, not good for the bottom line.
  • I'm Cravin' It (Not)
    Carl's Jr. has hired Havas to help create what it's calling a "crave culture" positioning around its brand. Right, not junk food, junkie food.
  • It's President's Day Weekend!
    Which is basically a mashup of two former holidays--Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday.
  • Super Bowl Ad Directors? Yeah It's Pretty Much An Exclusive Boy's Club
    At least that was the case this year, according to stats pulled together by Free The Bid. Maybe that's why this year's gaggle of ads has been tagged, by and large, as pretty lackluster.
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