• Krawd Aims to Reinvent Freelance Network
    The company claims to have developed something completely new, rethinking how agencies work.
  • 360i to Hire First Robot Intern. OK, Not Really But Sort Of
    Ad agencies love to play around with the internship hiring process. After all, it's really just another excuse to launch yet another self-promotional campaign to share an agency's creative awesomeness.
  • Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig to Produce Movie About Coked-Out Ad Execs Stranded In the Andes During Photoshoot
    The movie, 'Supermodel Snowpocalypse,' is based on an Elle article by Mickey Rapkin about a 1977 Nieman Marcus catalog photo shoot gone wrong.
  • IAB Study Says Advertisers Can Win Back Ad Blocking Consumers If They Follow A Few Crucial Guidelines
    The Study found that many consumers would be perfectly happy to disable their ad blocking software if ads adhered to a few basic guidelines.
  • Ad Agency That Can't Spell Pokemon Creates Pokemon Characters That Can Be Found At Ad Agencies (Face Palm)
    Like every little trendlet that happens in our increasingly digital world, the ad world is getting in on the Pokemon Go fad.
  • Lee Clow Gets Tattoo, TBWA\Chiat\Day Boosts Careers Of Gatorade Creative Team
    The agency's LA office has announced two creative promotions on the Gatorade account, a brand that has been with the agency since 2008.
  • Publicis Anticipating Q3 2016 Declines Following Loss of Accounts in 2015
    While things are not dire, CEO Maurice Levy said the loss of accounts in 2015 will have a "significant impact" on the current quarter.
  • London-Based ManvsMachine Opens Los Angeles Office
    Mike Alderson, founding partner and executive creative director for the global business, has relocated to Los Angeles to join key local hires.
  • Advertisers Increased Usage Of Emojis In Ads 609%
    While the fun and frivolity of National Emoji Day, July 17, has passed, there's no stopping the massive increase in obsession among advertisers for emojis.
  • This Ad Executive Assaulted His Wife After Drinking A Bottle Of Vodka
    Sometimes people do stupid things. And so I report this story about a 60-year-old ad executive who drank a bottle of vodka and strangled his 53-year-old wife.
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