Ghostbusters Director Paul Feig to Produce Movie About Coked-Out Ad Execs Stranded In the Andes During Photoshoot

Say what you will about the new Ghostbusters movie. It's sort of like the Clinton Trump thing; no one's in the middle and everyone has a vehemently-cemented, one-sided stance. But this isn't a Ghostbuster movie review. Nope. This is to tell you that Paul Feig, director of Ghostbusters, will produce a new movie about a photo shoot gone wrong. 

The movie, Supermodel Snowpocalypse, is based on an Elle article by Mickey Rapkin about a 1977 Nieman Marcus catalog photo shoot gone wrong. Apparently, a group of models, photographers and ad execs were stranded at a Chilean resort during a blizzard. 

The group, including the now famous Jerry Hall, was stranded for eight days, almost backed off a cliff in an SUV, had no contact with the outside world and ultimately had to climb out of a second story window as snowdrifts had covered the entire first floor level. 



But all was not lost and, most importantly, the photo shoot (sort of) went on albeit with some modifications. The resort’s nightclub was repurposed into a runway and the models put on a faux fashion show while the rest of the resort's guests did what all humans would do in a situation like this: hooked up and did a lot of cocaine. 

The movie will be told from the perspective of two sisters who headed the organization of the photo shoot for the agency as well as one sister's boyfriend who came up with the idea to travel to the Andes for the shoot. 

I'm guessing this is going to be a bit like Zoolander with some 1970's cheesiness thrown in. Will it be as good as Dudley's Moore's 1990 epic Crazy People? Or maybe a comedy version of Mad Men

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