• Squatty Potty Sh*tcans Kathy Griffin Ad
    The move came within weeks of an announcement that the comic had agreed to do ads for the product, which claims to help people, ahem, do their duty.
  • Here's Some Swill: Meat Processor Claims To Create First Sustainable Billboard
    When somebody makes a claim like that, it's usually time to plug in the B.S. detector. Let's go back to 2013 for a look at a real sustainable billboard.
  • P&G Re-bundles Its Ad Account In The UK
    In another example of the trend toward re-bundling in the advertising and marketing services sector, Publicis Groupe has formed a new dedicated team to service its Procter & Gamble account in the UK
  • Political Ad Showcases Alleged 'Body Slam' Of Reporter By Montana Candidate
    Yesterday Republican Congressional Candidate Greg Gianforte allegedly "body slammed" reporter Ben Jacobs of the UK's Guardian. The vote in a fairly tight race is today and the Democrats wasted no time leveraging the incident in a political ad.
  • In New Campaign, Everlast Says Female Athletes Don't Get The Recognition They Deserve
    Huh, no kidding? Geez Everlast, you've been around for more than 100 years and you're just discovering this now?
  • Yank This, You Bloody Bots!
    Ad tech firm Sonobi today is unveiling its new ad campaign, "Beware Of The Yank," a film series (from White Lightning + The Judge's Son) for the UK market depicting an oily "Bro-bot" character that heads a sleazy ad-tech firm. The bot and his firm represent everything that is wrong with the ad-tech industry.
  • Are Bots Taking Over Adland?
    Last year McCann Japan hired a robot creative director. Now SapientRazorfish says it will use an advanced chatbot-who goes by the name "Billi"--to interview potential junior job candidates.
  • Publicis Groupe Says It Was Falsely Accused Of Sketchy Accounting
    The contretemps boiled over last week, but started with a dispute between SAP and Publicis Groupe over a major back-office software deal struck nearly a decade ago that incurred years of delays.
  • GroupM Names New Chief Technology... Uh... Transformation Officer
    There was once a time that the CxO title actually meant something. Well, at least from the perspective that you knew what CEO, CIO, COO, CTO and CFO stood for.
  • The Eight Companies Selected For R/GA's Tech Venture Studio
    The selected companies are said to represent the future of mobile marketing and advertising across video creation and consumption, data, analytics, commerce, machine learning, and personalization.
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