• Here Are The Five Key Pillars To Great Creative
    A new report, Make a Lasting Impression, from Kantar Millward Brown explored the company's database of 160,000 tested ads to determine the factors which best drive engagement and can make advertising more effective.
  • Small Charleston Agency Opens Charlotte Office
    Charleston-based Blackwell and Co. is growing and the agency has decided to expand by opening a new office in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Congratulations, Omnicom, On Winning One Show Holding Company of the Year
    In all, 51 Omnicom agencies won 332 Pencils and Merits from approximately 20 different countries.
  • Ad Agency Launches 'Think Strategically Now' Low Cost research Service
    The 4-step process begins with a "Briefing Doc" the client completes to specify the parameters, goals and expectations of the project. The Marketing Agency then responds with a proposal that defines the research methodology, and what the client can expect to receive including the research data, and the analysis and strategic recommendations.
  • New Study From Valassis Proves It's Coupon Model Is Still A Thing
    If you didn't have a bit of history in this industry, a visit to the Valassis website might lead you to conclude the company is the leader in some form of personalized digital marketing.
  • Hey Advertising People, Public Relations May Soon Steal Some of Your Business
    According to a recent study by the Association of National Advertisers, the majority of marketers plan to increase internal staffing and overall spending on public relations over the next five years.
  • Who Knew? Agencies Still Create Radio Ads! And Win Awards For Them!
    So who's winning these awards? DeVito/Verdi, that's who. The agency was just named a finalist for five Radio Mercury Awards for spots it created for Mount Sinai Health System.
  • J. Walter Thompson Helps Fight Fake News In France With Human-Powered Search Engine
    Apparently fake news is a thing in France, too. And apparently it was rampant during the run up to the just concluded presidential election.
  • Forward Slash-Loving Creative Agency Launches New Digital Marketing Service
    In the ongoing effort to create names that, well, don't sound like law firms agencies have gone in pretty much every direction, even inventing words to name themselves.
  • Ad Exec Takes Issue With Ralph Nader Blaming Advertising For Fake News
    While Nader makes some valid points about the potential sketchiness of native advertising and its potential for deception, he goes on to equate it with fake news.
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