• Bob Greenberg Gets Bob Greenberg'd By Entire Staff on Halloween
    As is the case with many high- (and low-) profile creatives in the ad agency world, Bob Greenberg sports a very particular style, and it's all about black.
  • Agency Launches Documentary About That Copywriter Who Spent 5 Days in the Wilderness With Only Client Products
    In the pantheon of agency self-promotion, we've seen it all.In July, Portland-based creative agency Roundhouse joined the club.
  • Y&R Examines Brand Affinities Of Trump, Clinton Supporters
    The agency was able to segment the respondents by their political affiliation, Republican or Democrat. Not surprisingly, respondents from each party saw the opposing candidate in far more negative terms.
  • The Answer To Dying From Working Overtime In An Ad Agency: Yoga
    It's not just a good stretch. The program aims to help employees find presence and mindfulness amid the distractions of digital-era life.
  • Three Chicago Ad Execs Die in Uber Crash
    The three friends had worked together in account service at Chicago's Energy BBDO.
  • To No One's Surprise, Morale Sucks In the Ad Industry
    As if we needed a study to prove what we all knew over 20 years ago; working in advertising totally sucks, it's not fun anymore, the pay stinks, egos are out of control, sexism is rampant, you're done when you hit 40 and all anyone cares about is awards.
  • For 20th Anniversary, ad:tech Announces New Board of Directors; Can They Save the Event?
    If you've been to ad:tech any time in the past couple of years, you have likely noticed it's much smaller than it was in its earlier heyday.
  • JWT Says Women Over 70 Love Sex and 'Ethical Lingerie'
    The study comes from J. Walter Thompson's Innovation Group and explores the needs, aspirations and motivations of the female consumer of the future.
  • Here's How To Go To Cannes For Free
    The Digital Place Based Advertising Association (DPAA) and Cannes Lions announced today a Video Everywhere Summit joint promotion, in conjunction with sponsoring company AMI Entertainment, that will send an ad agency media professional to the June 2017 Cannes Lions Young Media Academy held at the Cannes Lions in France.  The Young Media Academy is open to media professionals 30 years of age or under. Delegates to the DPAA's Video Everywhere Summit on October 27 who meet this criteria will be invited to enter the drawing at the AMI exhibit booth. The winner will be announced at the Summit cocktail party immediately …
  • New Agency -- Wait For It -- Turns Agency Model Inside Out!
    Here we go again. Yet another agency promises to reinvent the ad agency by -- surprise -- doing things in a completely different way!
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