Bob Greenberg Gets Bob Greenberg'd By Entire Staff on Halloween

As is the case with many high- (and low-) profile creatives in the ad agency world, Bob Greenberg sports a very particular style -- and it's all about black. Black hat, black shirt, black scarf, black pants...and probably black underwear, because why not? Anything other than black underwear would ruin the entire ensemble, right?

Anyway, on Halloween, the entire R/GA staff showed up to work wearing all black. No word on whether or not black underwear was involved.

According to Agency Spy, the stunt has been in the works for quite some time, with staffers plotting and planning exactly how they would pull it off. As the story goes, Greenberg was asked to attend a meeting and on his way to that meeting, he was met with the entire staff clad in black standing on the agency's stairway.

Greenberg's all-black, all-the-time wardrobe follows the mantra of many other same thing-all-the-time dressers; namely, it removes the headaches and decisions from choosing what one will wear in the morning so as to focus one's brain power on what matters: creating awesomeness at work.



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