'AI Washing' Is A Thing More Creatives Should Know About

Add another “washing” term to the lexicon of “don’ts” that marketers should be aware of: “AI washing,” which is defined by strategic design firm Designit as the deliberate misrepresentation of a company’s artificial intelligence capabilities. 

According to Designit, part of Wipro, the practice is a growing concern. iIt cited two instances last month where the Securities And Exchange Commission levied fines against companies for issuing “false and misleading statements” about their use of AI.  



That said, many creatives are not aware of the practice, according to a recent Designit survey. Eighty percent of those polled said they had never heard of the term “AI washing.”  

Only 14% of creatives claimed to know of it and experience it, with the remaining 6% knowing of it, but not knowingly coming face-to-face with the phenomenon. 

This lack of awareness is potentially damaging to brands, says Pardis Shafafi, global responsible business lead at Designit.  

“The imperative for brands and their agency partners to be vigilant to developments including AI washing is greater now than ever,” Shafafi says. “With fake news and misinformation making consumers more wary and suspicious than ever, we all have a reputational responsibility not to mislead consumers.” 

The findings were based on 170 respondents to a Designit global online survey earlier this month that canvassed pros in the design and creative industries.  

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