• New 4As President Is All About Repairing the Relationship Between Agencies And Marketers
    Incoming 4As President Marla Kaplowitz believes the most pressing issue her organization must take on is the mending of fences between the 4A's and its marketer counterpart, the Association of National Advertisers.
  • Producer of '10 Hours Walking in NYC as a Woman' Viral Video Cleared of $500,000 Lawsuit
    The film featured a woman named Shoshanna Roberts and was produced by Rob Bliss and was created to show, as explained by Bliss, "what street harassment looked like without bias, judge or messaging."
  • Following Dentsu's 'Death by Overwork' Incident, Japan Launches Premium Friday
    The effort calls for businesses to end work early on Fridays and encourage those who do leave early to go shopping.
  • Fist Bumps And High Fives! Study Finds Ad-Blocking Usage Has Stalled, Advertising A Necessary Evil
    An IAB study found that just 22% of British adults -- and possibly fewer -- use ad-blocking software. "Access Denied" policies by publishers seem to be working.
  • Boring-Sounding TBWA Acquires Strange-Sounding Lucky Generals
    The advertising business is pretty much the only industry where you can launch a successful business despite a stupid or silly name.
  • Momentum Worldwide's Elena Klau Named to SportsBusiness Journal 40 Under 40
    Like all other XX under XX lists, SB Journal's list recognizes the top young leaders in a sector, in this case the publication's coverage of the sports, sports marketing, and sports sponsorship worlds, as decided upon by the publication's editors.
  • TBWA\Media Arts Lab Is Shifting the Way It Works With Apple
    Chief among the changes are a shift from the translation of high level brand campaigns into localized campaigns for individual markets to a focus on creating original regional-specific campaigns.
  • DDB Worldwide Chairman Says Media And Creative Should Never Have Separated; Envisions A Re-Marriage
    Agency Chairman Keith Reinhard sees a shift back to the integration of media and creative like it was back in the good old days.
  • Philadelphia Ad Agency Slapped Upside the Head For 'Rough and Blighted' North Philly Font
    Philadelphia-based ad agency Cliff Ross is under fire for one of ten fonts it developed, each of which were said to have been inspired by an individual Philadelphia neighborhood.
  • A Certain Copywriter Might Take Issue With the 'Dic' In This Non-Original Agency Promotion
    Why do I bring up MaleCopywriter? Well, a Toronto-based ad agency, The Garden, is out with a new business promotion that involves a Travelocity-esque Garden Gnome.
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