• Turner Brings Us One Step Closer to SkyNet With IBM Watson Partnership
    First it was that Boston Dynamics robot getting the sh*t kicked out of it by a lowly human. Now it's the whole of Turner Incite handing its sales operation over to IBM Watson technology.
  • Dieste Wants Interns To BS Their Way Into An Internship
    Omnicom multicultural agency Dieste is out with an amusing internship recruitment video that takes the form of a robotic voice espousing the many ways potential interns can BS their way into an internship with the agency.  BS, of course, comes from Be InternS, which by the end of the video the robotic narrator mundanely notes and funny haha creative.  Of the stunt, Dieste Chief Creative Officer, sounding very much like Richard Dreyfuss in Apple's Think Different, said: “We want to reach out to the young and talented, those free-spirited ad students who speak up, the ones who are not afraid of …
  • Agency's Content Marketing Play Begs Brands Not to Go In-House
    Penning a bit of content marketing for itself, Woodland, TX-based Hallaron carries the torch, as many before it have, for, um, agencies against in-house agencies.
  • Four-Year-Old Snapchat Signs Measurement Deal With 93-Year-Old Audience Measurement Firm
    Snapchat has signed a deal with Nielsen to provide marketers with digital ad ratings that will allow advertisers to glean just how many people a campaign reaches.
  • Mullen Lowe's SXSW Panel Is Going To Start A War Between Nutrition Bloggers And Actual Nutrition Experts
    Tony Labriola, SVP, group account director, food & health at MullenLowe US, will take on nutrition and health bloggers in an effort to separate the myths from realities.
  • Jack Morton Worldwide Says Big Data Is So Yesterday, Launches Small Data Practice
    In reaction to the overblown focus on big data Jack Morton Worldwide along with author Martin Lindstrom have partnered to "challenge the dominance of big data thinking."
  • Copywriter Launches 'Help Kenya Not Kanye' - Which Transforms Kanye's Idiotic Antics Into Something Worthwhile
    In reaction to Kanye West's recent antics, Alma DDB Copywriter Gabriel Ferrer has launched HelpKenyaNotKanye, an effort to transform Kanye's idiocy to a worthwhile cause.
  • This Ad Man Was Sick of His Dog Sh*tting on His Work So He Quit And Opened A Bike School
    After you've toiled in the ad agency business for a number of years, it can begin to grate on your soul. One Singapore ad man, Kenneth Wee, reached his breaking point and left the ad world to open up a bike school. Of his exit, he said: "I was having a bit of a burnout then. Advertising was no longer fun and I felt I did not have anything to show for it. I work three months on a campaign, and the next day, my dog is pooping on it. There is no longevity. I'm not leaving behind any legacy." …
  • In Reddit Post, Successful Agency Exec Admits He Has No Idea What He's Doing
    He's probably sharing what every single agency executive has felt at one point or another during his or her career.
  • Walton Isaacson Execs Named 'Black Enterprise' Top Women in Advertising And Marketing
    Billed as "The Planet's Most Interesting Agency,” Walton Isaacson is home to three execs  who have been named Top Women Executives in Advertising and Marketing by Black Enterprise magazine. Ayiko Broyard, VP Group Account Director, Kirsten Atkinson, VP of Media and Brand Integration, and Vida Cornelious, EVP and Chief Creative Officer, have been selected to join the magazine's listing of leading women in marketing and advertising. Broyard serves as the lead on WI's Lexus account, which handles the Black, Hispanic and LGBT marketing for the brand and she also is an entertainment producer in advertising and marketing.  At Walton Isaacson she worked on the …
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