The Barbarian Group Installs 1,000-Foot Desk

As office space goes, ad agencies tend to have a much more stylish sense than most other industries. This is especially expressed in the new offices of the Barbarian Group, which as you can see in this video, has installed an "endless table." The table -- 1,099 feet in length -- wraps through the office and seats 125 employees. Designed by architect Clive Wilkinson, who designed a similar structure in 2004 for Mother London, the table is broken up by arches that form semi-private work spaces and meeting areas. It cost the agency $300,000, but co-founder Benjamin Palmer says that's a lot less than it would have cost had they gone the cubicle route.

Translation Founder Steve Stoute has run his agency from an entertainment-focused standpoint based on his former history as a record label executive producing work for Mary J. Blige and Rihanna. He's making moves to change that focus with two new hires. He's brought in John Norman, previously with TBWA/Chiat/Day, as chief creative officer and Nils Peyron, former CMO at Toms Shoes, as agency president. Of the shift, Stoute said: "We're out of the puberty stage. We represent Fortune 500 companies, it's time to take it to the next level."



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