Taco Tuesday? Why Not The Rest Of The Week?

Taco Bell is launching a new campaign, “Taco reBELLion,” made in collaboration with Deutsch.

The campaign-anchoring TV spot debuts April 21 on major broadcast networks.

The creative features three taco-loving street gangs coming together to rebel against the tradition of tacos on Tuesdays and together they “fight,” via an epic dance-off, for the right to eat tacos on any night of the week. The effort also includes radio and digital components.

Interestingly, taco chain competitor Taco John’s has had a trademark for the phrase “Taco Tuesday” for decades.  And it hasn’t been shy about protecting the mark in the courts either.

But John’s recently pivoted to the new “Bigger, Bolder, Better” brand positioning. Which makes sense. I mean if you’re in the Taco selling business, why limit the marketing push to a single night of the week, right? Which is essentially the main message in the new Taco Bell effort.



Here’s what Deutsch’s Los Angeles Chief Creative Officer Brett Craig had to say about the agency’s new effort for Taco Bell: “When you get together with your friends to watch a movie, play a game or just hang, tacos usually aren’t on the menu…unless it’s Tuesday. We’ve adopted this tradition of only eating tacos on Tuesdays, but we’re rebelling against that notion in a satirical, tongue-in-cheek way. Tacos should be enjoyed any night of the week and having Taco Bell Party Packs delivered to your group is great way to do that.”

As part of the campaign, Taco Bell is launching a new line of reBELLious merchandise, which can be purchased online at the brand’s Taco Shop. Shirts and patches support the “reBELLion” movement with slogans like “Taco Any Day.”

TB is also offering 15% off one Party Pack when you order online or on the app through June 8. Restrictions apply.


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