All I Want For Christmas Is A ....Tesla?

Clean technology company EnergyX is giving away two Teslas as part of a promotion campaign that’s being done in collaboration with YouTube celebrity Logan Paul.

EnergyX CEO Teague Egan is appearing on Logan’s Impaulsive Podcast today to announce the first winner. The second winner will be announced Dec. 24.

Paul posted on Instagram about the promotion on Dec. 14 and that post has garnered 1.2 million likes and counting.

Paul, you will recall, caught a lot of flak for posting footage on YouTube in 2018 of a Japanese suicide victim.

At the time, he became a poster boy for brand safety—or lack thereof--but in the long run the incident hasn’t seemed to have hurt his popularity much.

Or his pocketbook—various reports estimate his net worth at around $19 million, making him one of the richest social media stars in the country. But he earns income from a number of pursuits, including the aforementioned podcast, TV and film work and boxing.

And now, clean technology.




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