It's Advertising Week! Does It Even Matter?

So this week is Advertising Week, right? That annual week-long circle jerk of self-celebration at which members of the ad business can fist bump each other with reckless, ego-centric abandon. Oh you think it's actually more than that? Have you been? In any case, here's a video in which PSFK Founder Piers Fawkes, Huge Creative Director Ross Maupin and Scott Schwartz debate the merits of Advertising Week which, this year, celebrates its tenth anniversary. In the video, CES and SXSW are tossed up as growing events at which media, technology and agencies come together in ways they usually don't at your typical advertising-focused events. We'd agree. But, seriously, if you're in advertising, can you really resist an entire week that's set aside just to celebrate what it is you do the other 51 weeks of the year? Didn't think so.

Not that you don't already have a running list of things that annoy you as you go through your day toiling diligently at your Madison Avenue gig, here are 18 things piss you off. Now it's not like you actually have to be reminded your job can be this miserable at times but there's a certain therapeutic value in knowing you are not alone in your misery, right? After all, clients can be painful sometimes. Of course, it's not like this is going to solve any of your problems but it just might give you a few minutes of respite.

San Francisco-based Pereira & O'Dell is very, very, very (did we say very?) pleased to announce that it nabbed the Airbnb account and will, no doubt, do some stellar work for the brand. Of the selection of Pereira & O'Dell, Airbnb VP of Marketing Amy Curtis-McIntyre said, “Pereira & O’Dell has had great success connecting with audiences in a way that’s truly authentic. We were impressed with their ability to connect passionate brand truths with specific creative tools to tell a story.” Congratulations, PO!

The Ad Council, that long-time Madison Avenue stalwart of PSAs, has teamed with Shazam to make it easier for people to get more information out of the organization's PSA campaigns. In the group's new Ready Kids PSAs, viewers can use Shazam on their mobile devices as the commercial plays. This will deliver instantaneous additional information. Now when a really awesome, emotionally-charged PSA airs, you can Shazam it so you can cry even more as the commercial is extended to epic lengths of gut-wrenching proportion.



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