That Crazy Canadian Agency Is at It Again, This Time Pitching Both Clinton And Trump Campaigns

Toronto-based Zulu Alpha Kilo, the agency behind Jingle Butts , the mocking of agency spec work, the mocking of agency Web sites and a host of other hilarious stunts is out with yet another. Now the agency has sent a video RFP to both the Clinton and Trump campaigns.

The video, which also includes several spoof Clinton and Trump ads, marks the second appearance of the company's faux founder. He was first introduced for the agency's own Web site, which poked fun at the absurdities of all ad agency Web sites and even itself in the aforementioned stunt. The character is played by veteran commercial and film actor Doug Murray, who was recently featured in Spotlight, 2015's Oscar winner for Best Picture.



The video kicks off with faux Frank Zulu sitting by a pool sharing the fact that the agency won Ad Age's 2016 Ad Agency of the Year. Zulu then speaks directly to Clinton and Trump explaining why this particular Canadian agency is best suited to tout American presidential candidates. Zulu touches on strong walls for Trump and, ahem, a firewall for Hillary.

Give it a watch. You'll chuckle.


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