Agency Launches New Web Site That Hilariously Mocks Every Agency Site Before It

Zulu Alpha Kilo, that crazy agency that brought us Jingle Butts and that spec work-mocking #SayNoToSpec video is out with a new Web site. Now before you fall asleep over the intensively boring notion of an ad agency launching a new Web site, do yourself a favor and head over to

The site is filled with overblown exaggerations of, let's be honest, the all-too-prevalent pompousness that fills most agency Web sites. There's a Holist-i-think flow chart that will have you laughing at your own procedural idiocy, a clock that ticks off the time between the agency's last client complaint, a hilarious agency culture section which highlights the 7-minute lunch, and of course, a buzzword generator that spits out words like InfraLocalGagement, ProArchetypeEsque, InterAnalyticCentric, CrowdsourcedWearableConvergence, SemiCrossPlatformsizing, OmniDataTainment and many more. 

The site features Zulu's fictional co-founders Frank Zulu, Chief Executive, Executive Officer; Marcus Alpha, Ultra Chief Creative Director Officer, and Katherine Kilo, VP Strategic Strategy Officer in charge of everything. 

Of the spoof, Zulu Alpha Kilo Founder and Chief Creative Officer Zak Mroueh said: “Every agency Web site essentially says the same thing. So we decided to poke a little fun at the sameness of the industry with our Mocku-site.”




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