Lift And Separate What?

For years bra ads hawked their products without even mentioning the body part they’re designed for—the female breast. Talk of lifting and separating was enough to give the target audience the basic gist. Now one style icon, in partnership with retailer Target has swung the pendulum in the opposite direction, referring in ads to breasts by slang names such “assets” and “bangers.” And some consumers complained that the references were offensive and demeaning. The style icon in question is Gok Wan, host of Britain’s reality TV show “How To Look Good Naked.” In one ad for Target, shown in Australia, he states, “Your bangers will never feel more loved.” The horror! It caused quite a stir until finally Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau looked into it. Target defended the ad, calling it “playful” and described “bangers” as an “irreverent term of affection.” Sensibly the ASB ruled the ad was “positive and lighthearted” and did not violate standards. Wonder how the ad would play in the U.S. Maybe they could do a tie-in with Hooters. The restaurant chain. A full report on the Australian controversy can be found here.



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  1. Sally Edelstein from Sally Edelstein Design, August 28, 2013 at 4:55 p.m.

    For decades women have been in pursuit of that holy grail-the perfect bra. For just as long bra manufacturers have dangled the promise of perfectly designed bras that would transform your figure into alluring perfection. Now with Jockey weighing in, it seems bra sizes have become as dated and quaint as the vintage illustrations found in mid century bra advertising. Take a peek

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