• Front Line Dispatches From The War Between Big Data And Advertising Creativity
    The phrase "Big Data" tends to send big chills shivering up the backs of almost everyone on Madison Avenue, but none more than creatives. To overcome those anxieties data-driven marketing consultant SSA & Co. has recruited one of their own -- self-proclaimed "advertising legend" Jerry Della Femina -- to help smooth the way, and sooth some creative egos in the process.
  • Hyping Motown LCE Style
    Forget Hollywood and New York. The talent is moving to Detroit. But what about the accountants?
  • IBM: Oracle Talks The Talk (And It's BS!)
    IBM Is complaining loudly that Oracle is making unsubstantiated claims that its products are better. Now the FTC has been asked to decide.
  • Why Being An Agency CMO Is Like Being The Maytag Repairman
    Take it from Mediapsssst, there is no title higher in Madison Avenue's food chain than CMO -- unless it's on the agency side. Then, you're just the loneliest guy in town, trying to get attention for an organization that spends its time trying to get attention for its paying customers.
  • Feuding Ad Shops Holster Their Guns
    A bitter legal dispute between WPP's Y&R and shopper marketing specialist Mars Advertising appears to be nearing settlement according to sources.
  • Publicom Could Cause Major Media Wealth Re-Distribution
    The Publicom merger could sharply reduce media price inflation and cut $15 billion of equity value out of media properties.
  • All Together Now?
    When you brand your business with the name "Ensemble," you may want to plan on others joining in. But that's probably not what Interpublic's Mediabrands had in mind, when a Chicago-based startup announced a new "one-stop digital services suite" with that name on Wednesday. You see, Ensemble is also the name of the branded content services division Mediabrands launched four years ago. And you know, agency holding companies are kind of partial -- and proprietary -- about brands.
  • Don't Get Mad Men, Get Even
    That's presumably what Hill Holliday Vice President-Experience Planning Andrew Teman was thinking when he planned the ultimate personal career experience after seeing the groundswell of attention generated by 360i's Super Bowl blackout moment for Oreo, and tweeted his intention to quit the ad business if the real-time campaign won an award at this year's Cannes Lions. It did, and true to his word, er, tweet, he did. Well, sort of. While he did quit his most recent job as vice president-social media/digital strategy at Hill Holliday, he simply have been using social media strategy to launch a career as a …
  • The Big Merger's Pricey Breakup Fee
    If either side is tempted by a third party alternative offer it could be costly-there's a $500 million break-up fee attached to the deal.
  • Another Tragedy Befalls Adland
    Another horrific building accident claimed the life of one of Adland's own last Friday. Jennifer Rosoff, director of sales at TripleLift, a New York digital shop, plunged to her death from the balcony of her Upper East Side apartment after a railing supporting the balcony gave way.
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