Don't Get Mad Men, Get Even

That’s presumably what Hill Holliday Vice President-Experience Planning Andrew Teman was thinking when he planned the ultimate personal career experience after seeing the groundswell of attention generated by 360i’s Super Bowl blackout moment for Oreo, and tweeted his intention to quit the ad business if the real-time campaign won an award at this year’s Cannes Lions. It did, and true to his word, er, tweet, he did. Well, sort of. While he did quit his most recent job as vice president-social media/digital strategy at Hill Holliday, he simply have been using social media strategy to launch a career as a freelancer, consultant. Read his blog and decide for yourself, but whatever his long-term intentions are about the advertising business, Teman did demonstrate an award-qualifying ability to generate attention for his own brand. At last count, his Oreo tweet generated about 350 references, according to Google. Guess you can make that 351 now.




Ever since Dave Morgan’s spunky TV ad network start-up Simulmedia began it’s “Salon” series of cocktail parties featuring noteworthy guest speakers, it has had some pretty cool ones, but generally they are billed extemporaneously. Not so for tonight’s speaker, Deutsche Bank’s Matt Chesler, who will speak on one subject in particular: the Publicis-Omnicom merger. Alas, Mediapsssst will not be covering it, because the entire discussion is, well, off-the-record. In other words, that’s officially a “no comment.”
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