Happy Birthday Shaq. Oh, And You Too Oreo (I Guess)

Well, there’s a National Everything Else Day, so why not a National Oreo Day? 

Yes, it’s one of those ridiculous made-up and mostly meaningless marketing events probably thought up by some kid in one of Nabisco’s summer internship programs a few years back. 

Still, the company (now part of Mondelez) has put some serious effort, talent and resources into promoting this year’s Oreo birthday spectacular -- which is today, by the way. The Oreo is said to have been first sold commercially in Hoboken, New Jersey, on March 6, 1912. That’s the Wikipedia version of the story, anyway. 

The brand has enlisted NBA great Shaquille O’Neal (who turned 46 today) to help promote this year’s festivities, which include giving away 1 million Oreo candy bars.  

Shaq is featured in digital content in which he’s trying to decide how best to help Oreo give away all 1 million of the aforementioned candy bars, an effort that has been dubbed #OreoBirthdayGiveaway.



The NBA Hall Of Famer also appeared in person earlier today at a “Snack Shaq” venue in his hometown of Atlanta. Some of those 1 million free bars were handed out at the event. 

There was also a microsite to visit for a shot at one of those free candy bars, but it looks its already wrapped up business for the day. 

Oh, well. Early bird, as they say. My dentist will thank me. 





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