Dos Equis Keeps It 'Interesante' In New Campaign

Droga5 is out with a fun new campaign for Dos Equis, where tall tales are told and encouraged.

And I couldn’t agree more. I mean why not spice up the retelling of how you injured your shoulder by stupidly running into a door jamb because you’re an absent-minded idiot? No, it was a night out on the town. Suddenly you were surrounded by a gang of thugs. With chains and …. chainsaws. You managed a narrow escape, but not without 150 stitches. ….”

Anyway, back to the new campaign. It’s called “Keep It Interesante.” It’s about drinking and storytelling and “the subtle detail that takes a story from good to great.” You know, like those BS artists you knew in college who didn’t do a lick of work, would pull an all-nighter and wrap out a paper from whole cloth and get an A+. Infuriating yet impressive at the same time.

Sorry, back to the campaign. Fifty years in the making with a $200 million budget. I think that’s what the PR rep said. Oh yeah, and filmed on all seven continents and the moon. Very interesante!



But here’s the really intriguing part. The brand and Droga5 are keeping it interesting BUT the World’s Most Interesting Man is nowhere in sight.

What happened? Did his devil-may-care lifestyle finally catch up with him? Did he try to jump a shark while water skiing and the shark won? Did viewers find him so uninteresting that the brand decided another direction was in order?

Nobody is saying much. A rep responded: “In the Most Interesting Man campaign, interesting was one man — with Dos Equis’ new campaign, we’re out to prove that everybody can keep it interesante. So while you won’t see the Most Interesting Man in the most recent creative, you never know when he could show up down the road …”

Well, at least the shark didn’t get him.

Have a look at some of the new work here and here.

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