What's The Dish? Ask The Richards Group

After a month of speculation that Dish was going to award its creative agency account to The Richards Group, the satellite network confirmed today that the Dallas-based agency has been selected as its new creative AOR. The award follows a formal review that began last year. 

And it’s one big honkin’ account. Dish spent over $600 million on subscriber acquisition advertising in 2016 according to its latest annual report.  

Camp + King previously handled the account. 

“The Richards Group brings to the table a history of successful campaigns, breakthrough creative and a unique set of capabilities necessary to take the Dish brand forward,” said Jay Roth, CMO and senior vice president at the client.

“Throughout the agency review process, Dish and The Richards Group discovered natural synergies between our two founder-led organizations, and we’re eager to bring the results of this partnership to market.” 



As you can imagine, The Richard’s Group is “absolutely thrilled” to have the big new account. Isn't that always the case? Let's see how the agency feels a year from now. And for that matter, the client as well. 

David Hall, brand management principal of The Richards Group, said: “We believe they are exactly the right kind of client and brand for which we can do great work together for years to come.”  

For years to come. From your lips to God’s ears, right David?






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