Study Finds Roadblocks to Moving Media-Buying In House

While there has been a lot of talk from marketers about bringing media-buying services in-house, it is easier said than done, according to a new study from media consulting company ID Comms.

The study reports that finding the right talent is the biggest obstacle to marketers seeking to expand in-house buying efforts. Part of the problem is clear career progression for prospective talent.

Many brands are also struggling to identify the cost benefits of bringing media buying in-house — the study found a lack of clear models to look at across the industry.

The ID Comms study is based on a survey of 130 respondents from media, marketing and procurement executives representing brands with a combined global media investment of more than $30 billion. Respondents from the agency sector included representatives from all major media agency holding groups, as well as key independents.

“Moving buying in-house is not a simple process. There are many questions those brands that take this step will have to answer,” said ID Comms’ Susy Pyzer-Knapp. “The biggest will be how they attract the talent they need to ensure they have access to the best tools and smartest trading strategies.”





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  1. Ed Papazian from Media Dynamics Inc, March 19, 2018 at 8:07 a.m.

    Firstly, I know of no national marketer that is even considering bringing national TV buying "in-house"---though a few small players might be musing quietly about it. The same goes for magazines, radio, etc. Secondly,  we are really taliking about digital media. And, yep, there is a huge problem here. If you are a digital media buying pro---- heavily into DR----who is upward mobile in your thinking, why go to an advertiser's sales promotion department to buy digital media? What's the end game? Do you seriously think that there are realistic advancement possibilities? Will anyone of your bosses have even the slightest clue about what you  do and what  you need to do the job well?Suppose you get paid significantly more than your colleagues in sales promotion----how will that sit with them?

    In short, going "in-house" for digital media buying---mainly DR--- may not be as easy as it seems, though this is one area where I do see a lot of movement--- and many issues to be dealt with.

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