Havas Bets On Cryptocurrency With New Blockchain Practice

Havas Group is entering the high-flying yet somewhat mysterious world of blockchain, the financial-tech sector that keeps track of cryptocurrency transactions. 

The holding company said today it is launching Havas Blockchain, a practice designed to support blockchain tech businesses and entrepreneurs with marketing and communications services. 

The offering is in partnership with Blockchain Partner, the French blockchain consultancy, with support from AMO, Havas Group’s global partnership of corporate and financial communications consultancies. 

Havas Blockchain will be led by Havas Paris consultant Fabien Aufrechter. Havas said the new unit would initially focus sharply on Asia, known as a strategic hub for initial coin offering investments, known as ICOs. 

Blockchain Partner will provide strategic, technical and legal advice.   

The new practice will focus initially on support for ICOs, but also offer training, coaching, public affairs and global communications support for firms operating in the blockchain ecosystem. 

The partnership is already operational and working on an ICO, scheduled for spring 2018, with Talao, a global platform connecting freelance talent and major corporations. If you want more detail about that, go ask Fabien. 



As my granddaddy used to say, if you don’t understand it, don’t invest in it. Yeah, I won’t be investing in crypto anything anytime soon.

But Havas seems to get it. The firm said Havas Blockchain's commitment to that first ICO will be in the form of tokens acquired by the Havas Group. 

Stéphane Fouks, EVP Havas & Havas Creative and Advisor to Talao clearly stated the holding company’s ambitions in the sphere: "Joining forces with Blockchain Partner will enable us to provide full-service support to firms eager to develop blockchain-based solutions. Our aim is to make Havas Group a key player in this new economy." 

Added Claire Balva, CEO of Blockchain Partner: "Havas Blockchain's communications expertise and Havas Group's international reach will open up a new dimension for our clients' blockchain projects. AMO network agencies, especially in Asia, will be invaluable in communicating directly with cryptocurrency investors." 

Well the Winklevoss twins made a fortune in the sector. Maybe Havas can too.


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