Cancer Awareness Campaign Supported by Google, But Apple Won't Play Ball

April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and ad agency Oberland has created a way to help the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation raise money and awareness to fight the disease via a set of testicle emojis that consumers can download for $3.99. 

Google has agreed to allow the sticker packs to be sold but Apple is refusing.

When Oberland asked Apple why, the response was: "Your sticker pack is not in compliance with the App Store Review guidelines.” Whatever that means.

Oberland appealed, even sharing a note from the founder of the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation — Kim Jones — which included a personal story of the passing of her son Jordan from the disease at the tragically early age of 22. But the appeal was denied.

As the foundation points out, testicular cancer is the leading cancer among boys and men between the ages of 15 and 44. But when detected early, the disease has a survival rate of over 95%.



So what we have here is an agency that specializes in cause-related initiatives coming up with a clever way to raise awareness of a deadly disease among young men. A disease that if detected early is a lot less deadly. 

And Apple seems to be going out of its way to prevent that message from being heard by more people than it otherwise might. That’s a head scratcher.  

What gives, Apple?


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