Card Round-Up Part 3: Y&R Shamelessly Makes Baby Cry

As ad agency holiday cards go, most are usually silly, self-indulgent or employ LOLcats-style
humor. And so it was with joy we received this serenely beautiful card from Albany-based Overit which begins with adoration for the peace and serenity of winter and a thoughtful quote from Charles Dickens. We then share in a playful yet lonely life of a Yeti. That is until a snowman shows up and lobs a snowball. Corny as that sounds, it's not. Give this video a look. It will blissfully transport you away from your hectic life if only for 2:45. 

It would seem Wieden + Kennedy's Portland office has the best and most amazing holiday display ever seen in an agency the world over. Business Insider's Aaron Taube had reason to be in Portland recently and toured the agency's offices. He took pictures  of the most amazing holiday office designs we have ever seen. It must be like walking through a real-world winter wonderland.

And, hey, we're not the only ones collecting and reviewing ad agency holiday cards. Advertising Age has got a list of its own. They've identified 12 of their favorites for the year and compiled them for your enjoyment. There's quite a few of our favorites on that list such as Publicis Groupe's The More the Merrier and the Barton F. Graf 9000/TDA_Boulder Bawx effort.

Well this is pretty stupid. Especially after the above-mentioned Overit card. Thinking they'd be witty (there's that misplaced sense of humor again), Y&R thought it would be funny to prank kids by having Santa tell them what they really want for Christmas; presents from Y&R's clients. What a self-serving load of crap. And they made a baby cry. That's just wrong. Now to rid your mind of this dreck, go back and watch the Overit holiday card again.



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