Here's Your 2013 Agency Holiday Card Round Up

First up, we have MRY. You know, they used to be Mr. Youth but that name was limiting so they changed it. Anyway, they've created a piece of work called Allidays that aims to incorporate all the holidays into one. Oh how very PC of you, MRY. The work, which also hypes this year's merger madness, gives us Cinco de Patrick's Day, Momukkah, and others. Check it out here. MRY has taken things a step further though. Working with philanthropic partner Pencils of Promise, MRY has added a “Give a Gift” section to each Alliday description, complete with Ebay tie-in. So enjoy. And give.

AKQA has created Written in the Stars, a mobile messaging site that lets you share your holiday greetings in the sky. The app (well, HTML5 mobile site) works on iOS devices and lets you send little holiday missives to your loved ones. Check it out here. At that link, if you're not on iOS, you can check out a demo video.

DigitasLBi, like any good agency, is touting the booze this holiday season with Get Blitzen, a location-aware website that creates a custom cocktail just for you. For us, we got French Blonde. It's got all kinds of stuff we've never heard of in it. Frankly, we'd rather have an actual French blonde than this concoction. But anyway, visit the site and see what gets created for you.

Boston's Allen & Gerritsen has given us Snow Shake, a digital snow globe that, well, does exactly what you think. Apparently that's all there is to it. While there is a desktop site, the snow flake action only appears to work if you go to the website on your mobile device and shake it. But, hey, we're not complaining. Everyone loves a good snowstorm, right?

Oh and if any of you agencies need some advice on how to create your holiday card for next year, check out Guy Holiday's Guide to a Guy Holiday approved Holiday Cards from Ignited. Like a screaming infomercial maniac, Holiday blurts out the tips he feels you should adhere to when creating a good holiday card. Some pieces of advice: Always use animals. Include as many holidays as you can in your card. Make sure you make a pop culture reference. Use internet memes. And be reflective...with mirrors. Oh and it's all about using sloths. Crazy stuff.

Boston's Winsper has created a card that's all about the client. And what they say to the agency during the 12 days of Christmas. It's a bit long but it's worth watching until the end when one dude whacks another in the face with a ping pong ball. 

DDB New York's holiday card centers on Santa's Naughty or Nice list. Or the fact that the simplicity of naughty versus nice is far too black and white for an idea-fueled business like advertising. Those who visit the agency's Naughty or Nice site will be able to choose from four typography designs, nice, nice-ish, naughty and naughty as hell depending upon what kind of year they had. The result is a poster that can be downloaded or mailed by the agency that will serve as a reminder of 2013's good deeds or indiscretions. It's all pretty basic but you do end up with a poster. We think we'll opt for the Naughty as Hell version.



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