• Agencies, The Geeks Are Eating Your Lunch
    And they're hiring Adland vets to do the cooking. A Miami Ad School grad needs your help, so go to his Web site and give him some. Meanwhile, FCB just can't seem to stay out of the news these days. Also, if you're wondering what startups made the scene at SXSW, read on.
  • Deutsch LA Creative Hopes To Win Hip Hop MC Contest
    Will he be the Chozinn one? Meanwhile, two Riney creatives are spreading a bit o' luck via drone technology and Instagram for St. Paddy's Day. And there's some good account news for FCB's West Coast offices. And the question of the day: Is CIO the next agency title fad?
  • Our Hero David Berkowitz Explains Why SXSW Still Matters
    The festival still has a lot to offer -- especially marketers, given that the show now focuses heavily on marketing innovation. Things keep getting worse for TBWA\Chiat\Day LA -- it appears 25 staffers have been given the boot. And TBWA Worldwide is pondering proposed consent orders from the Federal Trade Commission over its less-than-truthful Nissan "Hill Climb" ad. And Cannes Lions has selected some juries and jury heads.
  • Agencies Are Elitist, Protectionist, Breed Conservatism and Stifle Creativity
    Got a problem with that? Go talk to John Winsor, CEO, Victors & Spoils, who espoused that opinion about his industry in "The Guardian." If you're looking for a casino client, 888 Casino may be your winning ticket. And what's old again is new again. Integrated agencies are all the rage. They used to be called full-service shops before the unbundling trend took hold. Meanwhile Greenpeace has found a new eco-enemy to assault -- Procter & Gamble, along with some of its agencies.
  • Hey, Naysayers - Don't Hate On SXSW
    Has it sold out? Of course. Is it still interesting? You betcha! The parties are certainly outstanding. Meanwhile, those dingbats at Fishbat are playing shenanigans again. And something skunky is afoot in San Francisco. Also, guess what's happening in Los Angeles next week?
  • Microsoft Shares What It Wants In A New Ad Agency
    Of course they do it in their own brand of dense corporate speak, so good luck figuring out what they really mean. Meanwhile, some ad shops have some pretty swanky offices, according to "Ad Age." Did you make the cut? Awwwww. Meanwhile, a certain IPG shop has a new name -- FCB. Apparently they want to put a renewed focus on creativity. They're keeping Howard (last name Draft, in case you forgot), just not as the front man. Performance marketing is so, I don't know, last month. And Organic takes the bold and pioneering step of becoming the 28th agency …
  • Integrate This: RPM Melds Slot Machine With Beer Keg To Celebrate Its 20th
    And it has footage from History's Channel's American Restoration to prove it. The "Sloterator" will be unveiled on April 1st, the shop's anniversary. Meanwhile, Madison Avenue will sprinkle ad dollars all over your favorite Instagram photos. And SXSW rages on. Are you there? And how are you justifying being there? Really? Well, if you are there and need a sports fix, take the SXsports Playbook quiz and get directed to some relevant content.
  • Agency Poaches Talent With 'Poaching Phone'
    Yep -- it wrote the book on that idea. But Down Under agencies don't have to worry about poached talent. Instead, they have to worry about their computers being poached. Computers with sensitive campaign details. And TBWA\Chiat\Day New York imports a piece of European creative talent. Meanwhile, after a thorough review to check outside its world, er, make that universe, Mercedes opted to stay with PHD, which has been its media shop since 1999.
  • Finally, You Can Work On A Porn Account!
    For some of you -- and you know who you are -- that's a dream come true. We won't say what kind of dream. And Kevin Gosselin asks agencies if they have a brand commissary. Meanwhile, hunger is an issue even in well-to-do places like Orange County, CA., where a coalition and an ad shop have teamed up to do something about it. And if you're headed to SXSW, Austin-based Omnicom ad shop GSD&M is offering you a respite from all the zaniness.
  • Arnold: Use Twitter While You're On The...Well, Rhymes With Twitter
    Heck, it's not like anybody reads the paper anymore, right? Since we're getting personal, don't forget to use protection during sex -- we wouldn't want you to catch HTML. And if you're headed to Buenos Aires anytime soon, don't forget to pack the gigabyte repellant. Meanwhile, check out Scarlett Johansson's industry connection. And we don't mean her recent SodaStream ad. On a sad note, Publicis Kaplan Thaler has laid off some folks.
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