Agencies, The Geeks Are Eating Your Lunch

Look out, agencies. There's another marketing technology agency launching that's going to steal business from you if you don't up your tech game. Columbus-based agency Wilson RMS is launching gearDigital to "offer businesses consumer data-driven insights across a range of marketing platforms." gearDigital will be led by media executive Linda Thomas Brooks, who has spent the majority of her career in roles encompassing media, consumer behavior and technology at Interpublic-owned ad agency The Martin Agency and General Motors Mediaworks.

A young Brazilian Miami Ad School graduate needs your help. Daniel Ogawa wants to return home to Brazil but can't unless he has a job lined up. He's launched a Web site, Save American Creatives -- which in a nutshell says he's happy not to take a hardworking American's dream job if only you will endorse him to several Brazilian creative directors. On the site, Ogawa has made it easy to tweet these Brazilian creatives and help Ogawa land a job back home in Brazil.



Boy, when FCB gets in the news, it likes to stay in the news. This time around, we're told FCB LA Executive Creative Director Michael Bryce has left the agency. He's been with the agency since early 2013 and oversaw creative efforts for Dockers, Levi's and others. Hmm. Too bad he's leaving now. Just when Dockers has become an official client of FCB LA. Or, hmm -- maybe that's why he did leave.

If you were at SXSW (or weren't) and missed hanging with startups that could improve your agency business, Ad Age has rounded up five startups worthy of taking note. Rebel Mouse is all about helping brands make topical microsites that dramatically increase engagement and conversion rates. Percolate provides content management services coupled with social media promotion and analytics. Splash is a simple, straightforward Web site builder developed for event-specific use. Gravy, a local event search service, is out with a white-label version of its product that brands and agencies can use to launch marketing around local events. Sonic Notify is akin to an audio-based QR code marketers can use for location-based couponing.

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