Deutsch LA Creative Hopes To Win Hip Hop MC Contest

Oh, and who says creative people can't be more than just creative in the creative department of a creative agency working on a creative brief for a client who really likes really creative creative? Jason Pickar, that's who. Pickar, otherwise known as the Brand Rapper, is a former Deutsch LA copywriter who is among four finalists shooting for the top slot in LA radio station Power 106 FM's Who's Next competition. So come on, Madison Avenue! Let's stand by our man! Head over to the Who's Next site and cast your vote for Chozinn. Wait, who? Oh yeah, that's Pickar's stage name.

Speaking of creative people being creative when they're not working on creative for their clients who love really creative creative, Riney creatives EJ Slody and Alex Palomo are messing with drone technology to spread the good cheer of St. Patrick's Day. The pair have crafted a drone that carries a bag of four leaf clovers that they will drop wherever people want good luck. Those interested in garnering a bit of good luck can simply head over to the Drone's Instagram page and comment on one of the images where they'd like the drone to fly. Now back to the business of creative...they should have sold this idea to a client.



Well, here's some goodnews for FCB's LA office. On the heels of dumping Draft from their name and a Levi's win, FCB has won the Dockers business -- and that account will be handled out of the agency's LA office with help from the San Francisco office. FCB San Francisco has handled project work for the brand for several years. The moves follows -- surprise, surprise -- the entrance of a new chief marketing officer, Adrienne Lofton Shaw, who joined Dockers from Under Armour.

So every agency is running out and grabbing themselves a CMO. They're also snagging a CRO. Not a crow -- a chief revenue officer. You know -- positions that have been around forever with fancy new titles. So why not another? Okay, so this -- chief information officer -- isn't a new ti, but it is new to agencies. And you know what? It actually makes sense. With agencies taking the deep dive into Big Data, focusing more on customer acquisition through technology-fueled inbound marketing practices and launching programmatic trading desks, effective advertising takes a whole lot more than a Mad Men-style boozy three-martini lunch or an 18-hole walk on a golf course. Agencies need a geek around to make sure all those intertubes are working properly. So good for you, Zeta Interactive. The agency just hired Dr. Jeffry Nimeroff as CIO.

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