Microsoft Shares What It Wants In A New Ad Agency

Interested in pitching the Microsoft account? Want to know what the brand is looking for in an agency? Or do you just want to experience a good laugh from yet another brand spewing incoherent business babble? Look no further than the brand's recent RFP to agencies which, among many other things, states the brand wants an agency that "optimizes talent, creates process and execution efficiencies, and gives Microsoft the best leverage in the marketplace." Pure fluff. However, Microsoft CMO Chris Capossela offers up something a bit more concrete, saying: "The ability to tell more cohesive stories to consumers that are not simply related to a single individual product leads us to obviously look at what are the right partners to be able to think in a new and different way to reflect the way we want consumers to both experience and engage with our products." On second thought, that's not all that concrete either. 

Want to wallow in inadequacy? Want to experience envy? Want to spy on your competitors? Okay, well, not exactly spy but at least get a glimpse of their swanky digs? While touting their own new digs, AdAge put a spotlight on seven agencies sporting some pretty swanky digs. Are you on the list? Highlighted agencies include Lowe Campbell Ewald, Y&R, Weber Shandwick, Havas, McCann, Barbarian Group, and Rosetta. How do your offices compare?

Draftfcb CEO Carter Murphy is kicking ass and taking names. He's been on a roll revamping the agency with new organizations and key hires. His latest move, the long-rumored rebranding to FCB (Foote, Cone Belding) has come to light. The new agency logo, designed by FCB CCO Luis Silva Dias, is a rainbow coalition of the FCB's presence in 90 countries set in Code Pro Light typeface which Murray says is akin to barcode reflecting the agency's digital focus.

Oh look! Another agency gets a CMO! If you haven't heard, hiring a CMO for your agency is the new new thing. After all, new business directors aren't good enough. The latest agency to lemming all over this trend is digital agency Organic, which just hired Tracy Richards as the agency's CMO, a new position that's part of the agency's restructuring of its new business efforts. Richards, who has been with the agency for 13 years, was most recently group director, global business development.



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  1. George Parker from Parker Consultants, March 11, 2014 at 4:38 p.m.

    Don't know about Y&R having "swanky" digs. Now they've moved, let's hope they have elevators that don't chop you in half.
    Cheers/George "AdScam" Parker

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