Want A Creative Gig? Snapchat DDB. You Might Get Hired

Here's an interesting one. DDB Oslo is using Snapchat to recruit creatives. Yes, that's right. They agency wants interested creatives to sum up in ten seconds why they would be an awesome addition to the agency. Creatives can head over to The Snapchat Pitch and use Snapchat to send in their thoughts. Hmm -- I wonder why there weren't any agencies that used Chatroulette to recruit? Oh, wait. No one wants to stumble upon a random penis when reviewing creative candidates. Well, at least I hope they don't.

So just how does a creative release all those creative juices that are hindered by creative briefs, watered down by fearful account managers and outright ruined by client committee review? They get their creative rocks off outside of the daily grind, of course. The Drum's Cameron Clarke took a look at how some of the industry's creatives find relief. There's Ogilvy & Mather China CCO Graham Fink, who does solo art exhibits of his photography. There's Studio Heiss's Flo Heiss, who marries paint and pixels with pretty creative outcomes. There's Karmarama CCO David Buonaguidi, who builds robots, motorbikes and tables in his spare time. There's Baxter and Bailey CD Matt Baxter, who creates a comic strip each week for a children's magazine. And there's Grey London Deputy ECD Vicki Maguire, who runs a candy store on the weekends. What do you do to maintain your creative sanity?

New York has a Madison Avenue. So does LA. Well -- not an actual one, but it's a nice euphemism for all things advertising. So what's happening on LA's Madison Avenue otherwise known as Playa Vista? 72andSunny is what's happening. And happened is an understatement. Forgetting the fact they've rocked it on the creative and new business scene, upping billings 66% and staff 63% last year as well as being named Ad Age's Agency of the Year for 2013, have you seen their office space? Damn. How anyone gets any work down there without falling into some sort of nirvana-induced coma?

Did you know there was a king of agricultural advertising? Neither did I. But there was and his name is Joe Osborn. Osborn, who passed away this month, was responsible for much of the Monsanto and American Farmers work seen on billboards and television in the midwest over the past 25 years. The ponytailed man co-founded St. Louis-based Osborn Barr after having worked at Dancer Fitzgerald in New York during the 1980's. Of the man, co-worker Brad Chalk said: “Joe was an incredibly creative, talented man with very high standards, but he had the temperament of a man at the beach. Never yelling, always calm, even when faced with difficult clients.”



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