• What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas? Not Anymore!
    Smartphones took care of that. 'Influential Marketer' attempts to hit guy in head with liquor bottle at a LV conference. A phone captures the action. One creative follows his dream -- it's all about pounding sake and throwing stars. And check out one shop's Facebook creation for Slurpee.
  • Epiphany: Creative Director Realizes Non-Creatives Can Be Creative
    But it didn't come to him in a dream. And a Boston shop has a solution for all those New Year's Resolution makers who struggle to keep them -- lower the bar. By a lot. Also, it looks like DraftFCB is in for a name change. Howard who? Meanwhile, a Quebec ad group challenges client demands for spec work in pitches.
  • Prediction: VW Will Have A New Ad Agency Inside Of 8 Months
    The new VP of marketing for the company's America region says he admires the work of Deutsch LA. They're history. Is Ogilvy the most admired agency in Cape Town or just a good ballot stuffer? And according to one research report, marketers need to "think healthy" to remain competitive. Meanwhile, one research outfit asks: what will the agency landscape look like in 2019?
  • Agency to Accept Bitcoins As Payment
    And while the shop is getting publicity, they swear it's not just a publicity stunt. And a former W+K creative leaves his wheels behind, while Alberta pols debate the value (or lack thereof) of a city ad campaign. And Campbell Mithun takes a new approach to hiring interns.
  • Ad Agency Life As Bad As A Marriage Gone Sour
    Are agencies really "soul-stealing war-zones?" Meanwhile, a top beer marketer steps down, saying he wants to spend more time with his family. Glad his marriage hasn't gone sour. And -- shock of shocks -- car dealers get slapped by the FTC for deceptive advertising.
  • Creators of Obesity Campaign Accused of Having 'Surplus Stupidity'
    Is an anti-obesity campaign guilty of "fat shaming?" And wouldn't it be great to win tons of business without having to pitch for it? Meanwhile a former McCanner is now a Barbarian.
  • Leo Burnett Building 'Poo Eruption' Just Dust and Water
    Turns out the shit storm was the figment of an art director's imagination. Meanwhile anybody who's anybody in Adland attended CES where luminaries like Publicis Group's Maurice Levy pontificated. And Top Drawer Creative gets certified.
  • GM Global Marketing Director Gets...A Demotion?
    When someone shifts careers from a global marketing position to a single country marketing position, isn't that a demotion? Just askin'. And the sh*t hits the fan at Leo Burnett Chicago. Also, what's up with Burger King and all the agency changes? The 2014 outlook for indie agencies: revenues up but profits flat. What's a former creative strategist do with his new-found spare time? Develop a new dating service of course!
  • Edelman Thinks PR Can Take Over Madison Ave
    CEO Richard Edelman says PR is a 24/7 business and thus qualified to be a brand's lead agency. If you say so Dick. And Apple agency creatives head to the client.
  • Instagram Brings New Yorker Insta-Fame
    Certain physical assets amply displayed on the social network have attracted the attention of a whole bunch of followers, and now, marketers. And DeVito/Verdi drives off with an auto dealership account while friends and colleagues bid farewell to Mike Hughes.
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