Instagram Brings New Yorker Insta-Fame

You may be hearing the name Jen Selter quite a bit in the future. Last week, Selter rose to fame when the New York Post (and everyone else) wrote about her Instagram account, her 1.4 million followers and the fact she acquired all those followers because she...wait for it...posts pictures of her perfectly shaped ass. Why is this relevant to advertising? Because, like lemmings over a cliff, marketers will run to anything that's popular and Jen is popular right now. She's already working with water brand NY20 as well as Game Plan Nutrition. Reportedly, Selter, 20, also had dealings with Nike and New Balance. Mark my words, we'll be hearing more from Ms. Selter in the months to come.

When do car dealers want their ad agencies to make their ads look more like those from a restaurant brand? When you are Boston-based Herb Chambers and you want your ads to look like the category-busting work DeVito/Verdi did for Legal Seafoods. Herb Chambers (the man) liked what he saw so much, he handed his 53-location dealership account to the New York agency and asked them to be just as witty as they were with Legal Seafoods. The result? A billboard, print and television campaign with  catch phrases like, "We'll gladly lose a sale to win a customer" and “The only pressure you'll find here is inside our tires."

This past Friday, 600 friends and ad industry peers gathered in Richmond at the Carpenter Theater to bid farewell to The Martin Agency's Mike Hughes who died of lung cancer December 15 at the age of 65. At the service, Hughes' friend Larry Hall asked everyone to think of a single word to describe Mike and to say it as a group all at the same time. Hughes was with The Martin Agency since 1978 and brought the agency into the national spotlight.




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