Wait, What? A Creative Director That Doesn't Care About Awards?

It's really easy to say you don't give a shit about awards when you've just cleaned up at an awards event. But that's basically what Lowe Lintas India’s Chairman and Chief Creative Officer R Balki said after his agency pulled in six gold, five silver and five bronze awards at India's Effie Awards. When asked which one award he would most like to win, Balki replied, "Since I don’t believe in them, I guess I will have to think hard before I say that. Right now, I don’t know if there's an award that exists that really catches my fancy." Makes you wonder why his agency submits entries. Guess he won't be going to Cannes this year. 

OK - so just yesterday we asked you if you have what it takes to be the next Yahoo ad guru. Of course, there's a slim to none chance you'd get that gig, but you can tell Marissa Mayer what she needs to do to up her game when it comes to winning over the ad community. Because yeah -- everyone is allowed an opinion. And some of you have already shared your opinion. What did you advise Marissa to do? Focus and leverage the brand's biggest asset; it's content. Focus on native advertising and content marketing. Invite the creative community to collaborate with Yahoo's engineers. Get more personally involved with agency relationships. Don't let the sales force end-run agencies. What would you tell Mayer to do to win you over?

Well - Lowe Campbell Ewald, previously of Warren, Michigan for the past 36 years, is about to move to downtown Detroit. If any company can help revive that city, we'd venture to say it'd be an ad agency. Of the decision to move into the city, CEO Jim Palmer said: “There’s a lot of hard business reasons for us being here, but at the end of the day it’s very emotional for all of us. Many of us are lifelong Detroiters -- really believe in the city, really believe in this region -- and we think bringing a company of our caliber into the city to be part of this turnaround is important for the city, and frankly, it’s important for us as lifelong Detroiters.” Hopefully there's enough Starbucks in town to keep the agency's 500 employees fueled.



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