Erwin Penland Wants You! In Advertising

We love it when an ad agency eases access to the creative community. “Food For Thought,” in its seventh year, is ad agency Erwin Penland's annual creativity and inspiration conference. As the press release says, because great ideas know no socioeconomic boundaries, Erwin Penland will offer as many as 10 full “scholarships” to the event, providing access to a diverse pool of attendees. Of the event, Erwin Penland Founder and President Joe Erwin said: "Since its inception, the core pillars of “Food For Thought” have been about inspiring creativity and sharing great ideas. With such an intimate gathering, we strive to bring together the most diverse group of presenters and participants to help spark the conversation and creativity of the brilliant minds present." This scholarship program allows recipients to participate alongside senior-level marketers, entrepreneurs and other accomplished professionals, and take the three days of pure inspiration back to their organizations.

The Committee of 200 (C200), an organization of women executives with the mission to foster, celebrate and advance women's leadership in business, has selected its first Chair from the advertising industry. Gay Gaddis, founder and CEO of T3 and a 25-year advertising veteran, joined the organization January 27. Of her role with C200, Gaddis said, "We are here not only to support each other, but also to help enable women to take a more active voice in the business community. Our members have been trailblazers in a diverse set of industries. Their vision and influence make them role models for women worldwide."

As a kid, I looked forward to receiving the Radio Shack catalog in the mail. Every issue would be filled with cool gadgets and electronic widgets that fueled my imagination. The fact that Radio Shack (or any business with the word "radio" in it) is still in existence is fascinating. As the brand struggles for relevance, it's working with GSD&M to position itself as a solution to what ails our digital lives today -- the frustration that comes with connecting all our digital devices in a way that allows them to work seamlessly together. The approach, which aims to position Radio Shack as a helpful friend who understands, carries the tagline, "It can be done, when we do it together." And it's less about positioning Radio Shack as a place to find cool gadgets and more about how the brand can help solve technology-related problems.



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