• Netflix Family TV -- Next Up: Sports? Reality TV? Afternoon Talk?
    Netflix is pushing into more family-oriented TV. But this is nothing new. The real news will be when Netflix goes broader. Think reality TV programming, afternoon talk, or airing live major sports franchises.
  • Virtual TV, Virtual Ads? Perhaps A Virtual Media Dream -- Or Nightmare
    Virtual reality could be the next big thing -- for TV content producers, and maybe even advertisers. But how and when? And haven't we seen this movie before?
  • TV Upfront Tea Leaves: Hedging In More Directions Than Ever
    The TV upfront process has begun, with talk of big dollar signs come June/July. But is the economy ready? Financial markets aren't exactly steady. Some strongly believe a U.S. recession is around the corner -- amid other slowing economies around the globe.
  • Oscar-Winning Movies: More Box-Office Dollars? Look In Rear-View Mirror
    The Oscar for best movie may not be that big a prize. Consider the relative size of the movie's target audience to get a clear picture. Using 2013 figures put together by Edmund Helmer, a data analyst with Facebook, suggests a best picture Oscar win only adds $3 million to a film's U.S. box office revenues -- far less than the $14.2 million boost after a win at the Golden Globes.
  • Near-Term Value Of Sports TV -- For Advertisers, For Viewers?
    Look at TV metrics, and everything points to sports TV programming maintaining its high ranking among national TV advertisers. Still, will that change in the coming years?
  • If Netflix Is No. 1 U.S. TV Network -- And It Doesn't Sell Ads -- Should You Care?
    Folks everywhere from NBCUniversal to Nielsen and comScore are wondering: What are the viewing numbers for Netflix? Still, execs at traditional TV networks may be just rolling their eyes and thinking, "Netflix doesn't sell TV advertising, and that means they don't compete with us. So who cares?" Howard Shimmel, chief research officer of Turner Broadcasting, recently offered some eye-opening numbers. "Based on our methodology," he said, "Netflix was the number-one rated TV network total day, U.S.-based."
  • TV's Set-Top Box: An Appendage That Needs Major Surgery
    Wonder why you still have those seemingly antiquated set-top boxes next to your new connected/smart TV HD TV sets? After all, do we really need those extra boxes of electronic equipment -- especially in a world of growing TV app-ware and other devices?The Federal Communications Commission is pondering this as well.
  • Reviewing ABC's Outgoing Programming Chief: Could He Have Used A Little Sports Help?
    ABC's outgoing programming chief Paul Leehad a tough task when he started five and half year ago: Rebuild an aging prime-time programming lineup amid overall declining broadcast network viewership.
  • Media Disconnection: Are We Close To Real Slowdown?
    The media saturation tipping point may be upon us. Now we see some consumers wanting to "disconnect" -- from TV, their mobile devices and anything else electronic. Horizon Media's consumer insights unit, the WHY Group, says in the last six months there has been a push among many to shut down their devices -- to have real, non-digital experiences, according to a recent Adweek report.
  • Netflix Good For Cable Operators?
    A new report now suggests Netflix may actually be helping pay TV companies -- in particular, cable operators. Netflix has some 25 deals with pay TV providers. Worldwide, this includes Virgin Media, RCN, Com Hem, Suddenlink Communications and GCI, among others. The report from market researcher IHS says that carrying Netflix is a "net-positive on the operational performance of those MVPDs." Part of this is defensive, to "negate [the] cord-cutting threat." IHS also says customer satisfaction has improved when pay TV companies add Netflix.
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