• Banking The Future On Short-Form Video Ventures
    Enjoying bite-size video content while waiting on line at a bank, supermarket or doctor's office is what future TV viewers, especially young millennials desire. And the major TV-movie studios are on board.
  • Is Apple Being Too Careful About TV/Movie Productions On OTT Platforms?
    Apple wants to reach the widest possible audience -- while never offending any viewer.
  • AT&T Sees Investment In HBO As Profitable
    HBO may get more resources from other areas in the new WarnerMedia, possibly from other TV businesses such as the ad-supported TV group Turner.
  • OTT Subscriber Benchmarks May Not Be Enough
    Both Hulu with Live TV and ESPN+ have each hit the 1 million subscriber mark. For investors, a key measure is the break-even point for these OTT services.
  • More Digital Video Ads Are Coming - How Will They Impact Ad Fraud?
    Marketers need to count on the most positive factors for their media campaign efforts -- creative, targeting, engagement and other ROI metrics.
  • Should Poor NFL Teams With Low TV Ratings Be Demoted?
    Consider if a team -- which hasn't had a winning record in a few years -- didn't just suffer from fan apathy and lower in-stadium revenues, but got placed in some lower "B" pro league.
  • Analyst: Viacom Is Stuffing Ads In TV Shows
    Cable networks are seeing more slippage when it comes to traditional TV subscribers on pay TV services. Translation: lower viewership and less advertising revenue.
  • YouTube Relies On Traditional TV, But They Remain Semi-Partners
    New digital pay TV platforms are still growing -- even against traditional pay TV platforms. Many have both types of services to sell to consumers.
  • AT&T Preps To Take On Netflix, Facebook And Google
    AT&T wants to strike a balance: Use TV content for its ad-supported networks, but also put TV content under premium ad-free networks, like HBO, with subscription fees.
  • Viewership In NFL's First Week Holds Steady, Resembles 2017
    Despite all the controversy -- national anthem protests, medical safety issues and a Colin Kaepernick Nike commercial -- a lot of TV viewers watched the games in the first week of the season.
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