• News, Sports Still Key For Big TV Group Profiles
    Hulu still did a deal with CBS directly for content, rather than Sinclair.
  • TV Stations Hear The Ford Blues: Ad Cuts For Cars
    For local TV stations, auto advertising comprises around 25% of their overall advertising sales.
  • Digital Media Could Be Serious TV Rival
    Digital content consumption for July 2018 was up 13% year-over-year, continuing low double-digit percentage levels.
  • Post-Moonves, What's Next For CBS?
    What is the right future for the network? Just more broadcast-TV, with perhaps less dependence on advertising revenues and more on subscription fees?
  • NFL Is Back, Ad Pricing Remains High
    ESPN's cost for "Monday Night Football" is much higher than other parts of the NFL package.
  • Facebook Mulls Big TV Money With Facebook Stories
    How can Facebook grab some TV dollars? Facebook prides itself on figuring out how to make things easy for advertisers.
  • Kaepernick's Nike Ad Lit Up Media. Will A TV Ad Be Next?
    Nike wants you to think about Colin Kaepernick as the new NFL season is starting. Kaepernick hasn't played football in a while. Does that matter when it comes to selling apparel or athletic shoes?
  • TV Marketers Must Address Distracted Consumers
    My father has media distraction, and then some. Does this remind you of anyone? Younger people do get distracted as well.
  • Where Does Hulu Rate In Relation To Netflix?
    Hulu may be the sleeping giant in the streaming world, especially for its big TV network/content providing owners.
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