• Popular Acquired TV Shows In The Connected TV World Feel Familiar
    What's more important to a streamer: original or acquired programming?
  • TV On-Promos Grows - But Less For Shows And More For Streamers
    An analysis of promos found 46% of cross-promotion avails in 2020 for Walt Disney's ABC, Freeform, FX and Nat Geo combined went to streamers Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+.
  • Get The Addressable TV Ad You Want
    While making a big transition to addressable advertising, marketers will still need to match legacy media buys to metrics.
  • Netflix Leaps Into Big Movie Promotion, Competitive WIth Legacy Film Studios
    It's not just promoting movies, but the platforms where they stream.
  • Nickelodeon Scored With The NFL, More Simulcast TV Sports May Come In Future
    With ever-higher sports TV rights fees, shared distribution -- simulcasting airing multiple TV networks -- could be a key for future growth.
  • Is 'Placed-Based Media' Passe in the Post-Quibi World?
    At least it's timely: a new TV/video platform is launching what it calls Covid-Free TV found in doctors' waiting rooms.
  • Corporations Pause On Political Donations Could Hit TV Hardest
    Initial moves first targeted Republicans who refused to certify the Electoral College results for Joe Biden as our next President. But then it extended to all parties.
  • Sen. Hawley's Media Images Don't Look Good For A Presidential Campaign
    Hawley is glomming onto the remains of the Trump Administration, hoping to capture his base -- by any means necessary.
  • TV, Social Media News Advertisers Cope With A Post-Siege World
    TV marketers don't want to be anywhere near such highly emotional situations.
  • Roku Is Looking To License Content: Can Producing Original Shows Be Next?
    That goal may be why it is so interested in Quibi's library.
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