• Digital Players Could Put Squeeze On Linear TV Content
    Content is still king. But down the road, the cost of content could be an issue as more traditional TV content providers get squeezed by higher costs and competition.
  • Want Local TV In Future? Get A New Set!
    New technology for local TV stations could mean another TV set purchase for consumers -- which is good and bad news.
  • How To Tell The Financial Health Of Digital, TV Shows
    A TV show's survival should be reflected by an easier performance measure.
  • Guess Who Pays For Year-End Media Bonuses?
    So now we know how Comcast is going to pay for all those $1,000 bonuses to its employees -- and it's not because of a tax cut.
  • Now Viewers Have To Distinguish Real From Sponsored Content
    The Federal Communications Commission just hit Sinclair Broadcast Group with the largest fine of its kind ever -- $13.4 million -- for running content in 2016 not labelled as sponsored.
  • Is Streaming Cord-Sharing Next?
    Pay TV companies are increasingly worried about password sharing when it comes to streaming apps and platforms of TV networks and other services.
  • Politics Fuels Cable News' Uptick In Viewership
    News content will see a boost from the all-important midterm 2018 elections -- when the entire House of Representatives is up for another term, and one-third of the Senate.
  • Twitter May Adopt Bigger Video Engagement
    Do we think Twitter will rise to the favorability that Facebook, Google, Amazon, or even Netflix enjoy? Not so fast.
  • Who Pays The Price For The Loss Of Net Neutrality?
    Big digital video companies, among others, are concerned about the change -- in particular its impact on traditional media/ communication owners now in the driver's seat.
  • After Disney Sale, Fox Safeguards Sports, But What About Prime Time?
    Did Fox just sell its movie/TV studio, some entertainment cable networks, and its 30% interest in Hulu, among other assets, partly because of traditional TV entertainment ad concerns?
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